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  It's a new year! It's a new year! That is what makes people happy and the expected new year has finally arrived!

  On the eve of new year's Eve, there is a warm smile on the faces of adults and children. The new year's Eve banquet is abundant. Chicken, duck, fish, fry and fried dumplings are also white and fat dumplings. Full house filled with laughter.

  It's a new year! It's a new year! What made me look forward to the new year was the colorful TV program, which tempted me to fly over the sky. When the bell of the new year rounded, I dragged my brother in one hand and pulled my sister in one hand. Bang bang, the sky suddenly rang the new year interlude music, my sister and I waved small fireworks and the beautiful melody running in the snow, as if into the dream land of idyllic beauty. This moment in language is also difficult to speak of the inner happiness.

  It's a new year! It's a new year! The flying smoke of the sky is full of joy in the sky, for a long time... For a long time...


  The Spring Festival, every family all, bursting with happiness decorated, our family is no exception.

  On the day of the new year, my parents and I came to my grandmother's house. In the evening, our family sat on a stool and had dinner. After dinner, on the street and Ding, huge crowds of people, "bang bang" sound, I set my God look carefully, the original is someone in Dragon Street, everyone is watching the dragon"! I saw the Dragon uncle were dressed in white clothes and red pants, they catch the dragon, the Dragon stretching from Voldemort swinging, gongs and drums accompanied by the sound of the dragon. They are praying for peace for people through every street and lane. At this time, the dragon dance team has gone, we listen to the distant sound of gongs and drums, watching the shadow of the shadow.

  Our kids and buddy together in the custody of the individual parents put a fireworks, fireworks six "is" the first spray the spark, suddenly "bang" fly to the sky, blown into many sparks so riotous with colour, spray several times, like being blessed the people it! I think it's funny, could not wait to pick up a butterfly, and then lit on the ground, "flutter" sound of fireworks, to a light butterfly, dancing in the sky, the last "sou" a sound in the sky, slowly, gently, falling to the ground. I took a good luck, in your hand, "bang", "bang", a few guns, resounded through the night sky represents our joy and happiness forever.

  The sky was getting dark. We came to the room and watched the Spring Festival Gala cheerfully.




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